Audio College Station

Audio College Station

Solutions In Sound Audio College Station helps maximize your PA or home audio systems by assisting you in identifying your needs or by helping you install the equipment you have purchased. We can even special order the equipment you need or service the equipment you have.

Solutions In Sound Audio College Station is a company with new, innovative ideas and old-fashioned quality and dependable service. Built on over 30 years of experience in the audio and music business, Michael Brinkmeyer, owner, has the expertise you need to enjoy the ultimate in sound. In churches, businesses, and homes where exceptional sound quality is essential, we are ready with consultation, installation, service, and custom sales.

At Solutions In Sound Audio College Station we can install and service your home, business or church system. Let us check your system and recommend what is needed to take it to the next level. Sometimes our professional adjustments are all you need to make your system sound better than new.

If needed we can work in stages and build your system at a pace that fits your funds.
Locations shown are St. Pauls Lutheran Rehburg, a local covered horse arena, upgraded PA mixer/amp setup for a local fairgrounds, and St. Johns Lutheran Prairie Hill.

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